woensdag 2 september 2009

Nieuw PNSlot chassis medio september leverbaar

PN Slot is presenting a new chasis model of GroupZ. As you can see in the photo, this is a new version which includes details that doubtlessly offers a higher quality of this product.
This new model includes the following:-New aluminum rims, with 3mm screw set-New ¨L¨ lateral subjection can be adjusted between two different heights and 3 different widths-Flat wires of the car that will arrive in a separate bag for the best conditions- Screw set prearranged for you- Presented with a more dynamic box-This new model will be for sale starting at the end of August 2009 worldwide
" I have great news about tyres for the PN Slot cars.... very soon special tyres for tracks without grip like Carrera to mount into mini.z wheels.
These tyres will improve the car performance."
You can order PNSlot by http://www.frankslot.nl/